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The (JAWA) Temple (1.0)
Filename: 69the_jawa_temple.zip

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25.8 MB
Helena Revan and ZidZabre
Maps > Multiple Gamemodes

Average User Rating: 8.6
Number of Votes: 16
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The (JAWA) Temple (1.0) - File Description  

They say jawas are never around when you need them... Does this mean you're constantly tripping over them when you don't? stick out tongue

I'll start with a truncated (and slightly reformatted for space) version of the authors' description.

It's centered around (or more precisely within) a speeder bike track, although for obvious reasons the spawn points are all away from the track itself. The main area of the map includes a large council building with a three-doored lobby, featuring some greenery and the clan emblem, a couple of elevators to the bar, and of course the waiting room and council chamber. Other areas in the main portion of the map include the "Shrine of the Founders", near the bar, which has statues of clan founders Matt and Iniowe, as well as Link, who's led the clan since 2005. Continuing along from the Shrine of the Founders is a bridge over the main area of the map to the target range. This features targets that actually do something when shot. Outside there's also an elevator down to the main level of the map, with room for several people. Near the elevator on the main level is a large arena with galleries for observers. Other areas outside include a small park near the "Great Gate of the Jawas," a large park partly under the speeder track (check out the skylights on the track itself), which kept growing more elaborate throughout the development of the map, a small arena for training, also with working health dispensers, a swimming pool (try the diving board!), and a couple of false doors to buildings that couldn't really have finished interiors due to the complexity of the map. One of them is where regular clan members live, and I haven't come up with a story for the smaller building... Opposite the swimming pool is the door to the council members' private apartments. There are several on each level, and all feature lockable doors that can't be triggered from the outside.

The map comes with a number of droid NPC's which can be safely spawned on any server with this map installed. I'll probably submit a separate pack consisting of the droids alone. People who don't have the droids can still see untextured R2 and R5 models, so there shouldn't be any crashing. There's a complete list of them in the readme.

This map supports FFA, TFFA, Duel, and Power Duel, although due to FPS issues I wouldn't really recommend it for TFFA. I did add botroutes to it before finishing, and it has appropriate weapons, ammo, and Force pickups in various locations, as well as spawn points for team play.

I'll be glad to answer any questions that you have about the map or anything in it!

Helena Revan



First off, I'd like to say this map actually rivals BDC Racing Club as my favorite racing map.

The architecture present in this map is well done, though there are a couple of areas that could be improved. Everything is clear-cut and straight, as should be expected with stonework. The texturing is also well done, and really adds to the architecture. Add in the lighting, and you get a superb map that fits the 'newly built yavin' theme quite well. Of course, the yavin theme doesn't end there. Outside, you can hear wildlife, and where there's water, there's watery sounds. +1 for ambiance.

This map includes numerous features, including duel rooms, a firing range, a council room, and more, but most importantly:

A race track.

Well, that's obvious, considering what I said above regarding BDC... stick out tongue

The entire temple complex is situated in the middle of the track, with access provided through the race control room. The track itself is nice, being detailed and twisty, but unfortunately, it's very short. With the swoops provided, I could complete a lap in a little under 45 seconds. (About 55 seconds without turbo) That's depressingly short.

Sadly, this map has another downside besides the short track...

There are a number of custom vehicles included (which are nice), but these were packaged in the same pk3 as the map, meaning people who aren't running a mod such as Japlus will have to be careful about what custom vehicles they have installed.

In all my looking, I found three secrets (Lugormod REALLY helps with that, given its ability to show entity info in-game.), and one bug: The toggleable ramp for the track covers some of the see-through-floor seconds, but it isn't textured on the bottom.

In all, a very nice map, and well worth the download. Oh, and find the secrets yourself.

New Sounds: No
New Textures: Yes
New Shaders: Yes
Botrouting: Yes
Gametypes: FFA, TFFA, Duel, Powerduel


I have some suggestions for the authors. You don't have to follow these, but I recommend you do anyway. stick out tongue

-Longer Track
I'd say one lap should take 2 to 4 minutes with turbo. You could also convert the track's "shortcut" to be a 1 to 2 minute track, thus letting people choose between a short race and a long race.

-Improved Buttons
The func_usable button setup used could be done more efficiently. You can save entities, brushes, and triangles by using only one func_usable, and making a couple anim-map shaders. If you need help with this, don't hesitate to ask.

Seriously, move them to a separate pk3.
Also, if you want vehicles to remain available, I can help you there with a script or two that will let server owners pick between custom and base vehicles.

That's all.

Again: Worth the download.


The (JAWA) Temple (1.0) - Screenshots  
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The (JAWA) Temple (1.0) - File Download Options  

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The (JAWA) Temple (1.0) - Readme  
Readme File:
Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

TITLE: The (JAWA) Temple
AUTHOR: Helena Revan and ZidZabre
E-MAIL: h-revan@comcast.net

FILENAME: The (JAWA) Temple.pk3
DATE RELEASED: 29 August 2010

CREDITS: The basic architecture was designed by ZidZabre, whose original vision for the map I attempted to follow whenever practical. I redesigned many areas as needed, and provided most of the interior architecture, including the council member apartments. ZidZabre provided the "Final Fantasy" music, and worked with Link on the special alphabet found on several signs around the map.

Link designed the star-shaped floor of the main arena, and contributed several pictures and much advice about improving the map. He also provided the levelshot and the arenascript.

The statues in the Shrine of the Founders were made by Wawel. Several members contributed textures and helped me design custom textures (chiefly fabrics) and shaders for the map. I'd particularly like to thank Podoplovik and Rin Mintaka for that.

Shadow helped me design the speeder bikes. The plasma vehicle weapon is based on one created as part of the Open Jedi Project. I made the skins for the NPC droids and designed the droid vehicles. I'd like to thank Valis Elensar and Z for helping me learn to use Gimp and get the best results.

In order to fix a latent issue with the mirrors in member rooms, I needed to borrow the camera shader from Jedi's Home JL II, credited to Shadow Stone.

I'd also like to thank all of the other people I consulted, who acted as beta testers, and who lent me servers to test various things. In particular, Virtue, Caelum, Razor, Geek, Zantos, Drako, Se7en, Reiko, BloodRaven, and Fox, all of whom helped at various times. Thank you all very much!

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Simply place the file called "The (JAWA) Temple.pk3" in your base folder, which you'll find inside the "gamedata" or "Jedi Academy" folder, alongside Jedi Academy and Jedi Academy MP. For those who want to load this map using the console, the .bsp file is called "jawatemple".

You might want to keep this documentation in a "downloads" folder. If you need to de-install the map, just move it from base to "downloads." That way, you won't have to download it again if you want to use it later.

DESCRIPTION: This is the long-awaited (JAWA) Clan map, although anybody is welcome to use and install it on their server. It began as a speeder bike track, with other areas located within the area enclosed by the track. It now features a council building, with a council room, lounge, and waiting areas; two arenas for dueling and training; a target range; some parks for gathering in; a couple of shrines; some secret areas; and of course the private council member apartments!

This map supports FFA, TFFA, Duel, and Power Duel. Because the map is very large, some players may have poor FPS, but I have tried to compensate for that using areaportals and hint brushes. Most of the areas where NPC's can be spawned are lockable from the inside, including the track control room and all council member apartments.

BUGS: I tried to eliminate Z-fighting whenever possible, but due to the basic map architecture and the number of brush edges nearing the maximum allowed, it wasn't possible to prevent it everywhere.

There's a tree outside the council room which disappears if you look at it from a certain angle. A few other models aren't lighted as well as I'd like, but I've done about as much as I can.

After much experimentation, the droid vehicles had to be made using the VH_Animal class. This means that you can only drive them by jumping in, and not with the "use" key. This also makes getting through some of the doors a bit tricky. There's a jump pad for getting over the bar in the council building; use the "fire" key to activate it.

These vehicles also don't have an explosion effect. The VH_Walker class was unusable because it killed anything it ran into, and the VH_Speeder tended to float after driving off inclines, and traveled three times as fast through the air as on the ground.

Lastly, although the droid vehicles are supposed to require both hands to operate, you can still activate and use your lightsaber after getting in, to deadly effect. But once you de-activate it, you won't be able to turn it on again without getting out of the vehicle.

COMMENTS: The council member apartments have been assigned and re-assigned in several instances since the map was started. Instead of erasing each person's belongings as they left the council, I've simply updated each room a little bit, so that each person still has a contribution to the map.

On the upper level, clockwise from left as you enter the building: 1. Valtar, now Geek; 2. Yami, then Tao, then Cole, and now Jazzy; 3. Link (office, sitting room, bedroom); 4. Link's bedroom; 5. Zantos (upper level); 6. Z and Kirby. Lower level: 1. Pearl; 2. Wilkey, now Celkath; 3. Helena Revan; 4. Podoplovik, now Cole; 5. Zantos (lower level); 6. Zu.

The speeder bikes spawned from the track control room will self-destruct if used and then left alone for a while, but the rider has to go some distance away for this to happen, so you can get off to run an errand if you don't go too far or stay away too long. Speeders you spawn through the console won't do this.

The NPC Spawn codes for the speeders are:


The droid vehicles are:


The non-vehicle droid NPC's are:

R2-A1; R2-A3; R2-A5; R2-A6; R2-B1; R2-B3; R2-C4; R2-D1; R2-D2; R2-D3; R2-KT; R2-M5; R2-Q2; R2-Q5; R2-R9; R2-X1; R2-X2; R3-T2; R4-C7; R4-F5; R4-H5; R4-M6; R4-P17; R4-P44; R5-A2; R5-A7; R5-D2; R5-D4; R5-E4; R5-E5; R5-F7; R5-F8; R5-F9; R5-J2; R5-M2; R5-X2.

R2-A3 and R2-M5 are the same as R2-D1; R2-C4 is the same as R2-D3.
R2-D2, R2-Q5, R5-D2, and R5-D4 are simply aliases for the base NPC's r2d2, r2d2_imp, and r5d2.
R2-B3 is a name I assigned to an otherwise unnamed droid seen with R3-T2 at Mos Eisley.
R2-X1 is a name I assigned to an alternate version of R2-X2.
R5-J2 is probably what the skin for r5d2_imp would have looked like had it been made.
R5-E4, R5-E5, R5-F8, and R5-F9 are original designs.

I've tried to be as accurate as possible in these designs, but in some cases I had to improvise or follow my own judgment.

All of these droids are safe to spawn on any server where they or this map have been installed. Anybody who has them will see them, and anybody who doesn't will simply see untextured R2 or R5 units.

Anybody may use the custom textures, shaders, or NPC's from this map, provided they give proper credit to the authors and to the (JAWA) Clan.

Helena Revan


The (JAWA) Temple (1.0) - User Comments  
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