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Melee Mod
Filename: ladder_melee_files.zip

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5.78 MB
Slice, Dice & Mince
Mods > Weapons

Average User Rating: 7.7
Number of Votes: 141
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Melee Mod - File Description  


thump, thud

A muted whoosh.

thump, thud

A quick clang...footsteps...a ragged gasp, followed by a heavy thud.

thump, thud, thump, thud, thump, thud...thump...thud...thu...

An evil smirk peers out from under glistening eyes reflecting a shiny blade dripping thick purplish-red blood. "You are weak!"

After several expletives, I hit the "ctrl" button and reload the level. Almost done, and some sith goes Ginsu on me. For those of you who have been with us since the beginning, you remember all the various ladder mods we've seen. The "original" ladder mod, House of Madness, The Dragon Remix, The Emperor's Courthouse, The Emperor's DeathStar, The Challenge in Jedi Valley, and the The Xmas Story. Now comes Jedi Academy's first ladder mod, but totally forget everything you know about ladder mods. Because this is more than just fighting enemies who get harder and more numerous. Slice, Dice, & Mince have given us over 30 different melee weapons to choose from. Not only that, but this mod is MP compatible also. Although they may have re-used the original ladder mod map, the battle now rages with swords, maces, axes, scythes, and several more lethal hand-to-hand weapons. Instead of rambling on and on about what is included, I'll simply list them in the "pros" section.

Disclaimer: This mod is not for the faint of heart, slow, n00b, or anyone who can't stand the sight of blood. You live fast, and die faster. Also, you need the patch to play this. Furthermore, make sure you unzip it to your GameData folder.

This is by far the most impressive submission I've seen in all my time at JK2Files.com. I hope to see much more from these guys. big grin

Technical Data:

1. A plethora of new weapons, including the ability to fight with your hands and feet (melee) enabled.
2. New NPCs.
3. New graphics/textures.
4. New sounds.
5. Blood, blood, and more BLOOD!!! MUWHAHAHAHA!!! And gore!
6. Quick-start MS-DOS batch files (.bat) that allow instant access to SP and MP with various settings (See readme.).
7. Bind configuration files that can be executed to enable quicker access to commands.
8. Much more!!!

1. Some of the weapons in the .pk3 aren't available, and most aren't skinned. (Watch for an update.)
2. Your player responds weird when you die (doesn't dismember, but plays the dismember animation sequences, so you pretzel.)

Rating: 10/10


Melee Mod - Screenshots  
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Melee Mod - File Download Options  

Primary Download Locations:
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Worldwide Mirror by FileFront
usa - USA Central USA Central

Download from Worldwide Mirror by FileFront Download Melee Mod!

Melee Mod - Readme  
Readme File:
Jedi Academy v1.01

Melee Mod v1.0

by Slice & Dice
(new .sab files and sounds by Slice, new weapon models by Dice, some misc art and .efx by partner-in-crime, Mince)

NOTE: This mod ONLY works if you'd updated Jedi Academy to version 1.01 (the first patch) or later!

WARNING: This mod adds blood (lots of it) to Jedi Academy!

This isn't really much of a full mod in that it doesn't have any new maps (uses JediNight's ancient Ladder map from Jedi Outcast) or enemies, it's more of a weapon mod demonstrating what can be done with the new .sab files. I think this mod even works in multiplayer (I haven't tested it in MP much...)

We had a whole idea for an entire Ninja mod with new textures, skins, levels, cinematics, etc., but we just don't have time right now due to work demands, so we figured we'd release this anyway so that other modders could see what we were up to and draw inspiration (or, if they want, pilfer directly) from it.

All the source files for the map and scripts and even the weapon models are included.

NOTE: all of the new weapon models are not skinned (though they have a metallic color with an environment map and a very nice specular if you have r_DynamicGlow set to 1. If you do, I recommend turning seta r_overBrightBits to 1, also, as it makes the hot spots on the weapons stand out nicely. Some of the weapons *do* have skins, but they weren't made by us. I adapted them from a melee weapons pack made for Jedi Outcast by laghima (squigamawho@cs.com).

Just place the melee.zip into the GameData folder (where your jasp.exe and jamp.exe files are) and unzip it right there. It should extract 4 .bat files into that directory and make a subdirectory named "melee" containing this readme and the melee.pk3. If it doesn't make that subdirectory, you probably didn't have "keep folder names" checked when you unzipped using Winzip.

I included 5 .bat files to start up the game:

melee.bat - This will load up the singleplayer game straight into the ladder_melee map. You'll start only with a single katana (but you can pick up your slain enemies' weapons).

melee_low.bat - This is the low-end version of the mod that does *not* automatically turn on certain options that may chug lower-end machines. Basically, it does *not* turn on the cut and blood marks on Ghoul2 models (including the weapons you hold) and does *not* turn on overbrightening and dynamic glow. Use this one only if you have framerate problems running the normal version.

melee_lethal.bat - All this does differently is turn on the "realistic" damage mode we're all familiar with. Only, in this mod, it's not realistic because melee weapons don't do damage when they're not being swung! I prefer that you *not* use this one because it actually ruins the balance the weapons have normally. In this mode, every weapon is a one-hit killer, even at the slightest cut. If you just want to cut everything to pieces, use this, otherwise, play the normal way for the proper experience.

melee_lethal_low.bat - The lethal mode with low-end settings.

meleeMP.bat - This will start up multiplayer with the melee mod loaded. You should be able to play MP with other people (who are also running the mod) using the melee weapons!

NOTE: You can also load the melee mod like any other mod - just start up Jedi Academy normally (SP or MP) and load the mod through the mod menu. If you want to then run the map manually, bring down the console ("SHIFT"+"~") and type "devmap ladder_melee"

NOTE: This version of the ladder map still supports all the music selections that the original did - so if you have the ladder music pk3 file, you should hear the music in this version, too.

Kill stuff! There are a few changes to normal lightsaber combat:

- Melee weapons are solid and, so, will bounce off of architecture if you swing at it.
- When someone is killed and drops their weapons, you can pick them up by standing over them and hitting the "use" key. If you have 1 weapon already, it will put the new one in your left hand. If you pick up a two-handed weapon, it will drop any you already have. If you are already carrying a two-handed weapon, it will drop it and pick up whatever you were standing over. If you pick up 2 weapons, it will put each one in the hand that was closer to the weapon.
- Some weapons let you change saber styles, some don't. Experiment.
- I didn't disable force powers altogether, but some weapons don't let you use certain force powers.
- Some weapons don't let you do certain moves.
- There are a *lot* of different kinds of weapons, try them all!
- There is a shield "weapon". It doesn't really do damage, but it can block attacks pretty well. Good for using in the left hand.
- debugmelee is enabled, you so can hold onto walls as long as you want, switch to fists and punch, kick or (by pressing fire & alt-fire at the same time) do one of the three grapple moves.
- Any weapon that can't be thrown (experiment) will let you do kicks instead.

NOTE: I also included a bind_melee.cfg for singleplayer. If you type "exec bind_melee.cfg" at the console, it will bind all of your function keys (F1-F12), number keys (1-0) and the keys -, +, "[", "]", "\", ";", "'", ",", ".", "/", (basically, all of the non-alphabetic keys on the main keyboard) and L to different weapons so you can quickly equip any of the weapons/weapon combos you like! It also binds "dropsaber" to "backspace" so that you can drop your weapons at any time.

Okay, here is the huge list of weapons and a general description:

(note: unless otherwise indicated, assume the weapon is two-handed... also note that you can use any 2 one-handed weapons at the same time)

You can equip any of these by using the key bindings in the bind_melee.cfg (see above), or by typing "saber <weapon>" at the console (where <weapon> is the name listed below). To use 2 at a time, type "saber <weapon1> <weapon2>" (where <weapon1> is the right-hand weapon and <weapon2> is the left-hand weapon).

katana1, katana2, katana3, katana4 - Simple, straightforward katanas. Decent damage and range, can use 2 at a time if you like.

naginata1, naginata2 - One is short, the other is long. It's a short blade at the end of a stick and is kind of hard to hit with, but can do decent damage.

lirpa1 - This the the ceremonial Vulcan weapon that Spock and Kirk fought with in "Amok Time"! One end is a sharp cutting blade and the other end is a blunt bludgeoning weapon.

fan1 - Cool-looking, but not very effective. Decorative fans that cut.

shinai1 - This is a training weapon - a bamboo sword used in Kendo. We were going to use it for our SP mod (in a training sequence with your sensei), but... anyway, fun for practicing with others.

ji1 - A long, spear-like weapon with 3 sharp blades on the end. Awkward and hard to hit with, but does a *lot* of damage.

nodachi1, nodachi2 - Like a very long katana. Has a nice, long range, but doesn't have a whole lot of power behind it.

sai1 - A short, 3-pointed weapon, is very good at parrying and disarming. Can use 2 at a time.

hammer1 - A small hammer, can pack quite a whallop. Can use 2 at a time.

sickle1, sickle2 - Crescent-shaped, extremely sharp and dangerous weapons. Can use 2 at a time.

kama1 - Like a miniature scythe, short weapons with a beak-like short blade at the end. They don't seem dangerous, but they hurt pretty bad when they hit. Can use 2 at a time.

torch1 - It's a torch! Does burning damage (but, no, doesn't set people on fire, sorry...). The effect can be pretty expensive and it isn't a very effective weapon, but it looks kinda cool. Can use 2 at a time (but goes well with a shield).

spear1 - A long, trident-like spear, heavy, awkward, hard to hit with, but hits with a lot of force.

battlehammer1 - A HUGE hammer! It can smash people with a good, solid hit and it can send them flying if you hit the ground near them. Pretty fun... :)

sword1 - The giant Conan/He-Man sword... like a Greatsword. Huge, slow, but massively dangerous. Put in the "Conan" soundtrack if you're going to use this one. The trick is to time you swings just right. Since it slows down both your running speed and your swinging speed, it makes you pretty vulnerable to thrown weapons or rapid-attack weapons, so watch out!

shortsword1 - Kind of like a Roman shortsword. Short range, decent damage and attack strength. Can use two at once, but goes best with a shield.

axe1 - A gigantic axe that is utterly devestating! Faster than the sword and, even though the blade is much smaller, much more effective (if you ask me) in combat. The best of the large, 2-handed weapons.

axe2 - A hand axe that has short range but does a lot of damage. Can use 2 at once (goes well with a shield).

mace1 - A heavy, spiked ball at the end of a short pole. Short range, but does a heck of a lot of damage and has a lot of force behind it. Can use 2 at once, but best with a shield.

spear2, spear3 - Not really spears, actually, but more like a staff with blades on the end. Fighting with them is like fighting with a saber staff. Can be extremely deadly!

blade1, blade2, blade3 - Three variations on what you may recognize as a bat'leth, the Klingon weapon from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Very deadly!

claw1 - Basically, like Wolverine's claws! Best used as a pair... snikt! :)

starblade1, starblade2 - These are like giant ninja stars. They can be used in melee (very short range) or thrown (devestating!)

shield1 - The shield should always go in the left hand because it makes you use the Tavion style, which does all of it's attacks with the right hand. The shield can actually hit someone and knock them around, but it's not meant to be used as a weapon. It can actually block or deflect some attacks.

That's it! Have fun!

Melee Mod - User Comments  
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 » Elite Force
 » Enemy Territory
 » Fallout 3
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 » GTA San Andreas
 » Half-Life 2
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 » Jedi Knight 3
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 » Left 4 Dead 2
 » LOTR: Battle 4 Middle Earth
 » Medal of Honor
 » Operation Flashpoint
 » Quake 4
 » Red Faction: Guerrilla
 » rFactor
 » Silent Hunter 4
 » Sins of a Solar Empire
 » Soldier of Fortune 2
 » S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
 » Star Trek: Legacy
 » Star Wars Battlefront 2
 » Star Wars Empire at War
 » StarCraft II
 » Starfleet Command III
 » Supreme Commander
 » Team Fortress 2
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 » X3: Terran Conflict

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