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Dark Force Mod 2010
Filename: darkforcemod2010_fixed.zip

Date Added:
Type / Category:
1.37 MB
Henry Christianto
1.01 Patch
Mods > Multiplayer

Average User Rating: 9.6
Number of Votes: 11
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Dark Force Mod 2010 - File Description  

So, have you ever been in a JK3 match or duel, and the outcome just made you want to just DESTROY EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING IN ONE MASSIVE FIREBALL? I know I have, even when I haven't been in a match. To summarize this preface, where JA+ is to law and order, Dark Force Mod is utter chaos and destruction.

Personally I feel pretty stupid for not giving this mod a chance in '07, because I was not aware just how addictingly fun this mod can be. This is essentially what one could call a "cheat mod," as the majority of its contents would be considered overpowered and wholly unbalanced in gameplay, but honestly, who cares? This thing is dedicated to 100% fun. There's a LOT of features, and to go over them all would belabor this review so badly I'd risk boring everyone out of it, so I'll just give you some examples of some of the features available:

New Weapons: The Tusken Sniper, Noghri Poison Stick are unlocked and fully usable, with each having their own alternate fire,(Tusken rifle empowers, stick multiplies shots like bowcaster.) Along with that, the Bryar Pistol has become something like that of a super weapon, with primary fire firing a turbolaser-esque blast, and the alternate releasing a massive nuke missle that annihilates your enemies, splattering their corpse all over the arena.

New Powers: Single Sabers now have ALL saber stances available for your disposal. There are also several adjustments to the force powers available, such as being able to throw a staff saber with both blades on, and the ability to pop an opponent's head off with force grip. Initiating the "Quad" mode will unlock level 4 force powers, and give your melee a new fireball spell that you can hurl at opponents with extreme prejudice.

And honestly, that's not all, so I recommend you take a peek at the readme, as there's A LOT to enjoy.

Now, most of what I listed is older features. This 2010 version allows you to set your max health, armor, and force, AND the server's starting bodyscale. Definitely makes this mod even more insane, and a worthwhile product to look at. I implore the masses to download and enjoy this mod. At less than 1.5 MB, this mod is honestly a steal. GET IT! NOW! Fine. *steals it away* No mod for you =_=

P.S. - Weapon in Screenshot #6 can be found here: http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/Ashuras_E11;113591

- Averus Retruthan

Dark Force Mod 2010 - Screenshots  
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Dark Force Mod 2010 - File Download Options  

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Dark Force Mod 2010 - Readme  
Readme File:
TITLE : Dark force Mod 2010
RELEASE DATE: 27 June 2010 (FIXED)

== File Details ==
Target : JK - Jedi Academy
Category : Multiplayer Mod
Requirement : 1.01 patch update

== Author ==
developer : henry christianto
email : henrych@windowslive.com OR rie_fukada@yahoo.co.jp
homepage : http://sites.google.com/site/henrychristiantowebsite/

== About ==
Looking for cheat mod that giving you lots of stuff? this mod is a good choice.
This mod intended for playing in solo game mode (offline), againts bot/npc.
Use it just for fun, this mod overpowered player stength and ability.
Using it for online game mode is not recommended, this mod used for cheating the game,
so its not fair to use it on online match. Beside it should be placed in server side.

== Installation ==
IMPORTANT! Make sure you already updated your game with the patch v.1.01 or the game will crash.
Put the henry.pk3 file in your LucasArtsStar Wars Jedi Knight Jedi AcademyGameDatabase folder.
Overwrite (if any) previous version. To uninstall, simply remove this file from the base folder.
You should temporarly remove other mod from base folder to prevent mod conflict, except map of course.

== Whats New ==

So, dark force mod was acctually re-made after 3 years of final version release on 2007 :)
Just small customization added for fun:

Now you can customize startup health, armor and force amount of every player.
Because i add new command that not yet exist in original config file, first you must enter a map,
whatever map you choose to initialize modded game content. After that you may execute this new command:

setmaxhealth <1-900> this command will set initial health given. range are from 1-900
setmaxarmor <1-900> this command will set initial armor given. range are from 1-900
setmaxforce <1-900> this command will set initial force given. range are from 1-900

Not just that, you can now scale the body of every player.

setbodyscale <101-300> this command will re-scale your model from 101% until maximum 300%

After you change the value, you MUST RESTART THE MATCH for the changes to take effect!!

To turn all of those command above, just enter zero value, e.g: Setmaxhealth 0 will reset value
to its default: human health/armor/force= 255, while bot are 100.

The bigger you are the harder you can see, I need to find way to raise the camera view later.

== Whats Old ==

For people never know about previous feature of dark force mod:

1. The weapon

a. Bryar Pistol
This no longer small pistol, primary shot is lightning blade that stronger milenium falcon laser,
and the secondary shot is nuke launcher that do 10 times damage of lambdashuttle mine bomb.
The range is 50 times than rocket launcher so it kills everything including you if shot too closer.
You cannot push away this bomb, even with force level 4, missile launch cannot be aborted, sorry.

This weapon came from singleplayer game, deploying toxic cloud that cant be absorbed by armor.

This weapon came from singleplayer game, used by Tusken Raider NPC, its powerful than blaster rifle.

This weapon came from singleplayer game, used by Kyle at boss stage in Korriban if you choose dark side.
Grabbing, punching, kicking and throwing enemy. Choose melee weapon, and do one of this at your enemy:
ATTACK_BUTTON = regular punch, ALT_ATTACK_BUTTON = regular kick
ATTACK_BUTTON + ALT_ATTACK_BUTTON (same as when you do saber kata movement) = 2x punch + 1 big punch.
ATTACK_BUTTON + ALT_ATTACK_BUTTON + forward = knee punch + 3 slam.
ATTACK_BUTTON + ALT_ATTACK_BUTTON + backward = throat grasp + throw away.

This weapon came from "Force Power Level 4" that is activated using command: "quad"
It will make your melee primary shot is a wide range fire-missile launcher.

2. The Force

Note: Force level 4 can be gained with quad command.

a. Force lightning level 4: like what boba fett does, blast flame-throw from your hand replacing the lightning.
b. Force push/pull level 4: Insane force distance, throw and pull enemy from incredible radius from regular.
c. Force saber throw level 4: Infinite saber-throw range, no force cost required.
d. Force jump level 4: No longer jump, you will fly away as long as you hold SPACEBAR.
e. Force grip level 3-4: Do it long enough will Cut-off your opponent head from their body. WOW~!
And for the rest are advancing power from level 3, you will find it yourself.

3. The Saber

There is extra saber for you to choose. There is Tavion Sword aswell + her scepter.
Tavion saber does knockback like in singleplayer game, doing splashing damage aswell.

4. The Movement

Very unrestricted, especially kata special movement.
There is also new kata available for dual saber style.
It does alora saber throw style that launch two of your saber together instead regular saber throw.
How to do:
ATTACK_BUTTON + ALT_ATTACK_BUTTON + forward = alora double saber throw
ATTACK_BUTTON + ALT_ATTACK_BUTTON + backward = alora double saber slash

5. The Gameplay

UNDYING command like singleplayer game, type undying at the console give you 999 health/armor/force
and multiply your damage strength 10 times, it means you can one hit kill with blaster.

-Dark and Light force can be mixed!
Go to force selection menu, you'll see 24-42 point(depens game skill) available to spent.
Spent half of this point at light force, then click dark force selection menu and spent the rest here.
Previously this will cause the light force selected reset, but that wont happen again, so happy isnt?

-GOD and UNDYING command are protect your falling to death if you jump up over the dark cliff.

6. The Extra

-You get Boba-Fett modified JETPACK, easy movement, infinite fuel and faster speed.
-New NPC: stboss - a stormtrooper that cannot be pulled without force level 4.
Use this same as turret weapon it will blow every bot in its range.
Spawn it: "npc spawn stboss"
-New BOT: katewalker - a female jedi witches that using undying mode, cannot be killed.
It has force level 4, and tavion scepter + sith sword. A Monster bot she is.

7. The Inventory.
-Except bot, player has all stuff: full weapon+ammo, a jetpack, and inventory (that was only available in siege)
and a binoculars (use "zoom" command) or bind it: bind MOUSE3 "zoom" (to have middle mouse button as zoom)
-You get big bacta, sentry-gun, emplaced gun, seeker-drone, shield-wall, cloack-device with unlimited fuel, etc.
Make sure you go to control option and has inventory button already assigned.
-You got BATTLESUIT powerups that can protect you againts Bryar pistol NUKE-bomb.

8. The spawner

If you enter singleplayer maps, you will see lost of some npc not being spawned correctly. You will receive
error message: "ERROR:
<NPC_name> doesn't have a spawn function"
This mod add new spawner:
-Jedi Random, Hazzardtrooper, RocketTrooper, Saber-Droid, Assassin-Droid, Rosh, Chewbacca, Player, Rax Joris, Merc, etc.
For example enter this map: "devmap academy1" you will see rosh spawned correctly, now explode them with bryar nuke for fun.

Dark force mod feature are tons since first version until this one, i cant explain all here, visit:
I also plan to share darkforce mod Source Code, so that you can customize this mod the way you like.
Please be patient, i'll post it on my website later, i also planned to give modding tutorial i know.


Dark Force Mod 2010 - User Comments  
The following comments are owned by the user that posted them. Jedi Knight Files is not responsible for their content.

Total comments: 9 | Last comment: 08-07-2011 at 08:04

 #1 - AWESOME - 06-29-2010 at 16:34
From: (Virginia)
Joined: April 11th, 2010
Posts: 63
Dude you rock! I can't wait to show this to my buds Rock 100000000000/10 big grin big grin

 #2 - 06-30-2010 at 00:59
Joined: October 19th, 2005
Posts: 736
Ah, glad to see a new version of this mod after reviewing so many of the previous versions... Always been one of my favorite mods! stick out tongue

 #3 - 06-30-2010 at 01:01
Joined: October 19th, 2005
Posts: 736
At least now you see what I meant with that last part of the previous version's review, Averus. stick out tongue

 #4 - 07-01-2010 at 18:03
Joined: November 1st, 2007
Posts: 323
aww, I thought from the title someone was remaking the first game: Dark Forces. This mod looks good though.

 #5 - 07-18-2010 at 01:10
Joined: July 15th, 2010
Posts: 12
Will it work in sp?confused

Also, I think its funny the way loads of mods have 2010 in their titles.lolsmile

Anyway, sounds cool so 8/10 big grin

 #6 - 07-18-2010 at 01:12
Joined: July 15th, 2010
Posts: 12
Nevermind i just read that it works in solo mode

 #7 - 09-01-2010 at 12:29
Joined: April 26th, 2008
Posts: 75
Um, none of the stuff will work for me. Is there a specific way to initialize all the stuff?

 #8 - 09-09-2010 at 03:48
Joined: April 26th, 2008
Posts: 75
Nevermind, it works now, and my god, this mod is fun! big grin

 #9 - 08-07-2011 at 08:04
Joined: July 20th, 2011
Posts: 23

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